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Tiscali Netphone FAQ
These are the most frequently asked question about the Tiscali netphone if your question is not answered please submit it here

How much do calls cost?
Calls made from PC to PC are free of charge. Calls to landlines or mobile phones are charged at these rates.
Do I have to be a Tiscali Member?
You do not to use Tiscali for internet access but you will need to have a valid Tiscali email address and password. To get a Tiscali email address and password you can either sign up to one of our great access packages or become a website member which is free of charge.

Can I call normal phones?
Yes, you can call normal land line phones and most mobiles both locally and internationally. To do this you will need to buy Netphone credits, which you can get in blocks of 10. You can find our call charging plan here.
How do I make call for free?
Calls between from PC to PC are free. The person you are calling will also need to be running the Tiscali Netphone software. You can call another Netphone user by using their Tiscali email address or personal number if they have one.
Do I need broadband?
Yes, the service requires a broadband connection.

Are there any special system requirements
You will need a broadband connection, a relatively new PC with sound capabilities and microphone and speakers or a headset. You can buy a headset here.

What quality can I expect?
Tiscali is unable to guarantee any quality of service on Netphone because of the many variables involved in providing the service. PC to PC calls should be of good enough quality to hold a real time conversation; PC to mobile calls may have a small time lag.
Are any numbers precluded?
You cannot call directory enquiry numbers or certain foreign numbers using Netphone.
How do I buy credits?
Click on the recharge screen on the Netphone window. You can buy credits in blocks of 10 and can either add the cost to your internet bill if you are a broadband customer or pay by credit card.
What is VoIP?
Voice Over Internet Protocol uses the Internet to make voice calls instead of the traditional voice network.

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